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Sweet Revenge [entries|friends|calendar]
Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge

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[10 Jan 2005|08:58pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

well it sure doesn't start with the number 2Collapse )

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[09 Jan 2005|09:08pm]
Hello people.. I'm extremely bored..
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*new* [09 Jan 2006|12:02pm]

hey hey I jus joined n' lemme say MCR is for sure my life ahah..i'm sure crazed fan but u gotta luv em because...THERE AWESOME! I jus met em yesterday,except for ray @ the video shoot I was @ so yeah I love em EVER MORE now having met them because they are really cool guyz totally down 2 earth. Well yeah don't have much more 2 say,this is a cool community though <3 <3 l8r-FrAnCeScA
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[09 Jan 2005|12:08pm]

[ mood | good ]

hello... i'm Katie
i'm beyond obsessed with mcr. and i have been since they came out with i brought you my bullets you brought me your love. they're the best fuckin band EVER! I went to their show and it was the best show i've ever been to, out of many. i'll post pictures of it sometime. this community is awesome :)

Sweet Revenge

[09 Jan 2005|11:42am]

well obviously im new...but ya, MCR is so beyond awesome!!! im going to the concert next month!! but why must it be soo long? oh well.
i want to get an mcr icon but everyones i tried wont load and its driving me crazy!! lol, hopefully one will show up.
Sweet Revenge

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