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FOR SALE!!!!!!!!

I bought the infamous " REVENGE " hoodie at the Taste Of Chaos tour in San Jose, and as much as I LOVE it I'm afraid I have to part with it.
In the words of Morrissey : Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others.

So here I am ( since I don't have an Ebay account ) selling my ONCE WORN ONCE WASHED ( hey I got cold after the show! ) SIZE SMALL REVENGE HOODIE

I'm not looking to rip you off or make a profit at all, just enough to cover buying a hoodie that actually fits me!

This is a great hoodie for anyone who doesn't like huge band names across their chest making them into a walking billboard! THE MOST COMFORTABLE HOODIE I'VE EVER WORN.. and the REVENGE theme is ADOREABLE.. and hey EVERYTHING ON THIS HOODIE IS SPELLED CORRECTLY hahaha unlike some of their other merch!
Pictures under the cut!
Front View :
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Sleeve Detail :
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Back Detail:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
the oh so lovey line from ' Give 'Em Hell Kid '
I'm asking $30 for it and $5 for shipping.. I win nothing at that price.. but if I have to I MIGHT be willing to go lower, but would really hate to since I'm just going to be rebuying this hoodie in my size!

'PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE' only contact me if you are SERIOUS about buying this from me..
you can leave a comment, instant message me at : YoureTheOneFatty, or Email me at : JalynnCleaver666@aol.com ( please put somehting in the subject about the hoodie so I don't think you are spam! )
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